how do we do it

Our embedded and image processing consulting services will help transform your business through the design and implementation of new apps, devices, platforms, architecture and tech. We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from the tech that exists today to the emerging tech of tomorrow.

our capabilities

elite sistemas specializes in system design, firmware, and driver development. Our combined strength in embedded software development and hardware design and development makes us an ideal partner for product development and embedded or real-time software R&D. Our engineering team can cover the entire product lifecycle, from concept and prototyping to R&D, testing, production and support.



Software expertise areas

System Engineering. We use well known and suitable software-engineering methods tailored to the development process of individual IT-solutions and components. For the business analysis and system design steps, we use established and proven object oriented software engineering methods. We implement solutions using standard products for operating systems and server applications.

Real-time Control Software. ELITE Sistemas in-house expertise comes to the fore when an embedded control, signal processing or data acquisition application needs to be turned into reality.

Firmware Engineering. Our services range from feasibility studies of control strategies and algorithms, to full implementation of control software.

Digital video processing and video analytics. From government and domestic surveillance operations to the military’s dependence on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), machine vision inspection systems and medical image processing, the ability to capture, process and deliver continuous streams of video data depends on the performance and reliability of advanced computer systems.

Rapid prototyping of firmware and software. We have developed a product prototyping system that allows us to optimize different functional blocks of the system, such as sensor interface, RF communications, display, and power management. By taking this modular approach to rapid prototyping, we not only optimize the hardware design, but also create a similar modular approach to firmware design.

Device Drivers and BSPs (Board Support Packages). Seamless integration of Board Support Package (BSP) and device drivers across multiple OS is critical to overall system performance including boot time and power optimization. With an understanding of the system architecture, and variation in number of peripherals, an efficient BSP can greatly reduce the footprint, thereby lowering the system cost.

Communication Protocols. ELITE Sistemas is proud to have worked at the forefront of communications developments and protocols for over 15 years. Now we are helping our customers to harness the benefits of next-generation communications. Our approach enables organisations to manage the current challenges associated with technology – from coverage, to cost, to supplier restrictions – so that they are ready to face a future.

Hardware expertise areas

Industrial electronics and compact devices. ELITE Sistemas provides a one-stop solution for all your product design projects, expertly guiding you from initial concept to transfer to production.

Ruggedized electronics. Full-service approach to safety-critical and ruggerized electronics design combines broad-based manufacturing capabilities and extensive value-added services, including professional engineering support and program management, to help our customers achieve their goals.

Signal processing and edge analytics. ELITE Sistemas creates electronic frontends for optimal interfacing between sensors and successive signal processing units. Our main focus is on industrial, video and audio applications. For us, electronics starts right at the signal transducer and ends with the correct implementation in your finished product.

Agile prototyping. Agile Prototyping is focused on the rapid delivery of complex and harsh environment prototype boards in fewer full revisions.  With Agile Prototyping, we optimize cost and time through manual component placement, and ensures quality and rigour with leading edge automation. In this way, Agile Prototyping can rapidly deliver even a single production-quality and complex prototype board.