embedded video and artificial vision analytics

elite sistemas licenses its own proprietary IP embedded vision systems and solutions that allow complex analytics over video including:

In-vehicle security. Driver distaction, presence, behaviour analysis, security events detection.

Audience and retail analytics. Commercial and industrial workforce/audience behavioural analysis.

Road traffic analysis. Traffic flow metrics, security events classification, smoke and fire detection.

License plate recognition. Video and static extraction, IR and color, multi-country, perspective agnostic.

Customized clasiffication and features analysis. Tailored solutions to specific customer needs.


LPR example  

intelligence at the edge

elite sistemas vision technology leverages both classic and state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are embedded into electronic devices to detect and recognize faces, identify objects, classify human actions in videos, track camera movements, track moving objects, follow eye movements, recognize scenery, etc.

Analytics example

Analytics example

embedded performance

elite sistemas designs video analytics solutions that maximize results from processing capabilities at the edge by leveraging FPGA / DSP or video accelerators available on target architectures.

Vision product kit example